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Jun 05, 2014 o boist, conductor and composer heinz holliger has long been fascinated by schumanns life and music. The piece, written for solo oboe and continuo, is structured in three movements, spanning a performance time of 8 minutes. Perhaps more than any other commercially available disc, this product enables the listener to drench himself in the delicious sound of the oboe. Golde of dresden 180373, is now made by several makers such as andre constantinides, karl rado, guntram wolf, christian rauch and. Heinz holliger, sonata for oboe solo 1956 5 an oboe virtuoso, a prolific composer and versatile conductor, heinz holliger stands out in the super specialized. Nov 20, 2015 oboe recital by alexander wong 5 november 2015. Benjamin for oboe violin, flute or bb clarinet and strings. The movements are in the order slowfastslow as opposed to the fastslowfast of the traditional sonata. Aria tenore idl will bei jesu wadlen i yea, i watch with jesus gladly andante solo chorus i ba 5038. The oboe need not be relegated to the confines of a compositionally limited stereotype.

Heinz robert holliger born 21 may 1939 is a swiss oboist, composer and conductor. Andrejs jurjans vii international woodwind competition for. Allegro for oboe solo alvarez alvarez, teofilo allgemeine musikschule fur militar musik, op. Heinz holliger heinz holliger was born in langenthal switzerland, canton of berne on 21 may 1939.

The wiener oboe viennese oboe is a type of modern oboe that retains the essential bore and tonal characteristics of the historical oboe. Repertoire list solo britten six metamorphoses after. This short solo was composed in new york, during march, 1996 and uses only the six pitches associated with the name sachereflat, a, c, h, e, d. Holliger argues that such adaptations enable the expressive qualities of the music to be better revealed than is possible on a keyboard instrument, and these performances substantiate his claim. He began playing recorder at age four and piano at six.

Heinz holliger studie ii for oboe 1981 tamas bartok oboe support this youtube channel. Handel oboe sonata in bflat major, hwv 357 download free. The sonata is the last of poulencs three sonatas for wind instruments and piano, the others being. The unaccompanied sonata in 4 movements for oboe by holliger himself is an early composition written at the age of 17. During his grammarschool education he already studied oboe with emile cassagnaud at the conservatoire of berne and composition with sandor veress. Audition requirements coprincipal oboe 2016 orchestral excerpts. Oboe sonata in c minor, rv 53 vivaldi, antonio imslp. A typical performance will last between and 15 minutes. In this holliger attempts to display the soul or mind of the oboe and this is clearly a work of great technical demand or challenge for the player. Oboe sheet music to download and print top quality pdfs.

Yeonhee kwak takes very obvious delight in this fully mature work, now producing exotic tones on her instrument, then bringing out its humorous and lyricalexpressive sides, and finally engaging in frolicking play. Buy sonata for oboe and piano oboe solo with pi at. It offers high quality pdf sheet music files with audio mp3 and mp3 accompaniment files plus interactive sheet music for realtime transposition. Enjoy the well known work for oboe or violinflute and piano by alessandro marcello.

The akademiemodel wiener oboe, first developed in the late 19th century by josef hajek from earlier instruments by c. From the baroque, the oboist has chosen a sonata and a solo fantasy by. In three of the sonatas, bwv526, 528 and 530, two solo instruments are here used in addition to read more the harpsichord, in the others it is the oboe. The eloquent oboe york bowen sonata for oboe and piano op. Sonata for solo oboe heinz holliger original title. In siebengesang 196667 for oboe, orchestra, singing voices and. Sep 25, 2019 piri 1971 for solo oboe solo is a discipline in and of itself. George frederic handel composed his oboe sonata in b flat major, hwv 357, around 1707. Sonate fur oboe solo for oboe only 195657, rev 1999 schott reference. Apr 23, 2018 heinz holliger studie ii for oboe 1981 tamas bartok oboe support this youtube channel. Schott sinuhe sonata for solo oboe woodwind solo series. Childs, barney 19262000 sonata 1958 listed in university of redlands childs collection colbert, brendan b. From 1958 he continued his studies with yvonne lefebure piano and pierre pierlot oboe in.

Archived from the original pdf 18mb on 28 may 2008. Reel, 4tr stereo, 7 reel, dlx, dol philips phi 6500 174. Holliger was born on may 21, 1939, in langenthal, switzerland, near bern. Heinz holliger sonata for solo oboe sheet music di. Aspen chamber symphony, thomas sondergard conducting. Vasks touches for oboe edition schott b one composition of competitors choice.

Oboe solos by set of performance parts includes separate. This deeply internal sense of space and accumulation is expanded in yuns own oboe quartet of 1994, which skitters sideways like a crab on sand. Heinz holliger studie ii for oboe 1981 scorevideo youtube. Sonata in g minor, bwv1020 heinz holliger holliger. He began playing the oboe at age eleven, and studied at the conservatory of bern before taking first prize for oboe in the international competition in geneva in 1959. Holligers oeuvre covers all genres from stage works via orchestral, solo and chamber. A major but playable work for serious oboe sential r. Free intermediate level free oboe sheet music sheet music pieces to download from. In 1972 holliger, maurice bourgue oboe, klaus thunemann bassoon, and christiane. The piece, written for solo oboe and continuo, is structured in three movements, spanning a performance time of 8. Adagio allegro vivace yeardate of composition yd of comp.

He first recorded schumanns works for oboe and piano in the 1980s for philips, with alfred. Holliger of my oboe concert, i decided to write holliger an encore using his english horn. Order from your preferred classical music cd store arkivmusic. Britten 6 metamorphoses after ovid for oboe round ii a p. Heinz holliger oboist ursula holliger, harpist sunday afternoon, march 7, 1982, at 4. If you are a american style oboe player, you sound very europeanish. If the oboe ever manages to rival the flute as a popular solo instrument.

Pentatones remastered reissue of heinz holligers baroque concerto program, a mid1970s lp staple on philips, will be welcomed back by all but the most diehard periodinstrument enthusiasts. The goal of my extendedrange dissertation project is to expand the range of. Unique contributions for oboe in the classical period. Schumann, heinz holliger, alfred brendel works for oboe. Holliger composed the sonata for himself during 195657 and then also revised it himself some forty years later. Holliger sonata for oboe solo il capriccio schott o g. The sonata is the last of poulencs three sonatas for wind instruments and piano, the others being the flute sonata 1956 and the clarinet sonata 1962. B re sonata for oboe and piano 1969 alec wilder was born in rochester, new york. Schumann works for oboe and piano is a compilation of eleven pieces, recorded on the philips label by heinz holliger and alfred brendel.

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