Steven universe all lion episode 3 straight to video reaction

The rose sword working name is stashed away inside lions mane. Watermelon steven steven accidentally animates an army of watermelons that look just like him. Straight to video when lion starts keeping steven up all night, it leads to steven discovering a mysterious item hidden in lions mane. Bridgetantonio5794 steven universe season 1 episode 35 lion 3 straight to video. Super skippable unless youre particularly attached to garnet or are an old school rpg fan like zelda 1square enix era rpgs. Straight to video, is a moving spiritual remake of cowboy bebops speak like a child, beginning with lackadaisical comedy and ending with an unexpected. Warp tour note originally episode 37 in intended order. Lion 4 alternate ending new episode steven universe predictions and news. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. October 3, 2016 on connies laptop, steven video chats with peridot on her tablet. Straight to video sitting atop the hill in the pink dimension.

Steven pretends that lion was planning to leave at the episode s end, then dramatically decided to stay with steven. But another phantom tied to pink diamond shows himself, revealing a new host of problems for him and his friends, and unmasking a new piece. The movie storyboarded by joe johnston and jeff liu. Pink diamond is the posthumous overarching antagonist of steven universe. Cowboy bebop, as do the way the tapes audiences react to them inuniverse. Books, comics and video games based on the series have been released. In both episodes, steven tries to get lion to do something, or several things, unsuccessfully. Amethyst i think would either respond with thats fair or actually feeling hurt, depending on if this is a feelsey episode or a funny episode.

Hes transcribing the first words from every sentence she says, attempting to find meaning in an acrostic of their first letters andor an anagram. When lion coughs up a magical key, steven goes on a quest to discover what it unlocks. Steven universe e35 and 36 blind reactioncommentary video. My reactions toanalysis of steven universe episodes 1 to. Of course, stevens lion invites comparison to lion 2. Straight to video, the first episode in which she appeared via a videotaped message to steven, was nominated for an emmy award for shortform animation. Alternate ending, steven attempts to open the chest with an oversized key, to no avail.

Watch steven universe online full episodes all seasons. We learned what happened to the watermelon stevens, we learned where malachite was, then the gems actually fought and beat her, but lost jasper, and then the cluster started to emerge, and pearl, garnet and amethyst got stuck on mask island. Straight to video that lion had a deep connection with rose quartz. Watch steven universe season 1, episode 3 cheeseburger backpack. Upon learning what this is all about, sadie sets up the tv in the back room, and she and steven watch. Every single episode in the pacing list has character development andor plot points that come up later, and will be placed inbetween ocean gem and lion 3. Steven universe season 1 episode 35 s01e35 1x35 online lion 3 straight to video. And it ultimately culminates with steven discovering a tape left for him by his long gone mother. Back to the moon is the 24 episode of the third season of steven universe and the 102 episode overall. Please note that for the foreseeable future, i will no longer be publicly liveblogging steven universe. Dec 04, 2014 this is one of those episodes i recommend to fans and nonfans of the show because i think it is a must see for anyone.

Dont forget that until next monday, february 6th, all topics about that will be all must be marked as spoilers after they are posted by clicking the mark spoiler link under the post, and confirming. But another phantom tied to pink diamond shows himself, revealing a new host of problems for him and his friends, and unmasking a new piece to the puzzle that is roses past and her crimes. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Episode anticipation and reaction that will be all. However, little by little, episode by episode he learns more about the crystal gems, their secrets, their history and the full extent of their powers. Decal stickers 63 pcs steven universe laptop sticker waterproof vinyl stickers car sticker motorcycle bicycle luggage decal graffiti patches skateboard sticker steven universe. Pearl, as well as garnet and amethyst, didnt know about lion, nor did they know about the things kept in his mane, including the video discovered by steven in lion 3. This weeks steven universe dived into the whirlwind that is the mindset of an insecure youth, in ways that were similar to the.

The events of the crying breakfast friends episode and steven s reactions humorously draw parallels to events in steven universe itself and fan reactions. Please use this thread for all of your hype about and reactions during the newest episode of steven universe. Alone togethergallery universe watermelon steven lion 3. Alternate ending is the 21 episode of the fourth season of steven universe, the 124 episode overall, and the first episode in the sixth stevenbomb. This episode explores more of lion and his relation to steven. While at the big donut, steven notices there are a lot of packed lunches with. Steven films a reaction video to the new episode of crying breakfast friends.

But you may need tissues because it is very sad too. Lion 4 alternate ending reaction thoughts minion reacts. What are your personal top 10 episodes of steven universe. Steven universe lion small plush ucc distributing inc. Fifteen years after steven universe liberated the galaxy, he is doing his best to find his happily ever after, even if it is short lived. Steven gets a new power, plus a location and its inhabitants wont make sense for an important episode later on. Steven believes lion was following him to get the desert glass, but this turns out to be untrue, and steven instead concludes he was trying to protect them from it.

Straight to video is the 35 episode of the first season of steven universe, and the 35 episode overall. Steven universe steven finds a tape from rose quartz. The limited series steven universe future, intended to serve as an epilogue to the main series, was announced at the 2019 new york comic con. Its infuriating, as i want to support the show as much as possible. In nightmare hospital, steven gives lion lickers to lion to get him to stay in the hospital parking lot.

Alternate ending must be marked as spoilers after they are posted by clicking the mark spoiler link. Steven universe season 1 episode 35 lion 3 straight to video full episode. Blind reaction to steven universe season 3, episodes 12. A mission to the lunar sea spire takes a treacherous turn, but steven has packed his totally amaz. She is a former member of the great diamond authority who decided to turn earth into a colony for homeworld. The movie, the chest has been opened, but as of steven universe future, its contents have never been shown. Steven universe season 4 episode 20 lion 4 alternate. Steven universe s 1 e 35 s01e35 1x35 online lion 3 straight to video. Steven becomes depressed when his favorite brand of icecream sandwich, cookie cat, has been taken off the market. Straight to video where flood order stops changing the show entirely as thematically appropriate. Steven universe capitulos a list of 150 titles created jul 2018 best of steven universe a list of 31 titles. At the episodes end, after watching roses message to steven with steven. Lion protects steven, as shown in steven s lion and so many birthdays.

Crying breakfast friends reaction vid jeff liu 2016. Steven universe season 4 episode 20 lion 4 alternate ending full episode hq. In the fifthseason episode a single pale rose, rose quartz is revealed to have originally been pink diamond, the gem leader overseeing the gem colonization of the planet earth. Season 3 is just as amazing as the rest, and looks brilliant on bluray. Lion is a magical pink lion whom steven befriends in steven s lion. Lion wont stop laying on steven s face while he sleeps. Universe tshirt shown hanging on the tree in lions dimension. He soon cheers up when the crystal gems manage to get a hold of some of the last remaining cookie cats, which steven believes may hold the key to activating his gem. But to pull off more than a few of those tones at once requires a lot of finesse, and steven universe is still experiencing some growing pains as it rounds the finish line of its first season. Steven universe future premiered on december 7, 2019 and ran for a total of 20 11minute episodes, including a fourpart finale airing on march 27, 2020. Lion 3 straight to video was the heartfelt tearjerker the perfect episode to run on mothers day.

Straight to video up for consideration and lost to the adventure time episode jake the brick in 2015 for outstanding shortform animation. Season 1 do not want gif steven universe reaction, steven. Connie and her mom get emotional cartoon network duration. Blind reaction steven universe season 4 episode 21 lion 4 alternate ending. Lion coughs up a magical key, and steven goes on a quest to find what it unlocks. Rose just gave off so much emotion, its straight to video. Cartoon conspiracy s2 e19 the steven universe lion theory is lion steven s mom.

It looks like we dont have a synopsis for this title yet. The video steven and sadie watched really messed me up. Nov 04, 20 watch steven universe full episodes online. Steven universe is an american animated television series created by rebecca sugar for. In lions dimension, there is a rose quartz bubble with an object in it. Warp tour note steven argues with the gems when he insists he saw something, or someone else using the warp pad system. In fact, when it came time to consider steven universe for an emmy award, they put lion 3. Straight to video warp tour alone together the test future vision on the run horror. This is my second reddit post, the first being a post i made a while back explaining how i found this little show. Minor objectsmiscellaneous steven universe wiki fandom. Steven universe is criminally overlooked in this country the uk so i have to search online most of the time for any kind of merch. Steven universe is a lot of thingsa lowkey, slow show about an enthusiastic child growing up, an examination of an unconventional family, a densely packed homage to a ton of pop culture, from video games to anime, and a straightforward kids show about superheroes with mystical powersso its unsurprising that sometimes things get a little messy, all packed in to 11 minute episodes. Steven universe s1e10 stevens lion recap tv tropes.

This attract can be a reference due to him being a lion. Dont forget that until next monday, may 15th, all topics about lion 4. Just click the edit page button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the synopsis submission guide. Straight to video, when he presses his face against the glass of the freezer holding the lion lickers. Lion patiently narrates steven cooking colin howard 2016. I feel the reason lion showed steven the lionmane dimension was because when steven looked at the picture of his mother wondering if she would make him space cookies for lunch said, i just wish i knew a little more about her. Steven is still an overenthusiastic boy and more often than not, that gets in the way of his progress towards becoming a gem. Steven universe is a halfhuman, halfgem hero whos learning to save the world with the magical powers that come from his bellybutton. Steven universe s01e35 lion 3 straight to video video dailymotion. The movie tries to be several of those distinct shows all at once, and while its still enjoyable, it also comes off a bit scattered. In that episode, taking him and connie to the movies and in this one all sorts of activities, from catching steven to eating a pizza with him. This is one of those episodes i recommend to fans and nonfans of the show because i think it is a must see for anyone. But im so glad i am able to buy the blurays of this awesome show online.

Straight to video all credits belong to the company establishment of cartoon network. Lion has a pocket dimension in his mane that steven cannot breath in. Steven universe season 1 episode 1 steven becomes depressed when his favorite brand of icecream sandwich, cookie cat, has been taken off the market. This first volume of steven universe is all about discovery. Steven universe spoilers ahead ok so i was able to find some wack pirated video to get some screen shots which i had to crop cuz it had random stuff all over the screen but um damn what happened in that episode in general. My reactions toanalysis of steven universe episodes 1 to 4. Lion is also seen to be caring towards steven as well as being aware of steven s needs, like when lion kept lying on steven s head to show steven his pocket dimension where it contained, among other things, a video left by rose quartz for steven, after he said he wanted to know more about her in lion 3. This is later revealed to be bismuth s poofed gem in the season 3 episode, bismuth. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. More new episodes of steven universe all week this week. Lion appears to like lion lickers, as shown in the episode, lion 3.

Alternate ending must be marked as spoilers after they are posted by clicking the mark spoiler link under the post, and confirming. Jan 10, 2016 this is episode 35 from season 1 of steven universe lion 3. You can read more in this post once upon a time, a young girl named jet wolf wondered what was up with this show called steven universe that was all over her dash. Please use this thread to discuss the newest episode of steven universe. Steven universe season 2 episode 3 say uncle blind reactioncommentary.

On the run is the 40 episode of the first season in steven universe and the 40 episode overall. To combat the boredom of the hiatus, why not discuss our favorite episodes. The episode opens with steven laboriously searching for hints in the video his mom, rose quartz, made for him before he was born. This connection is explored further in the episode roses scabbard. Watch the exclusive unedited reaction right now steven universe season 1 episode 35 lion 3. However, it is later revealed that, after coming to understand earths life and people, she turned against the interests of homeworld to protect it, forming a resistance under the identity rose quartz.

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