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The history of herodotus, volume 1 by herodotus full. Book i 299k book ii 249k book iii 221k book iv 230k book v 162k book vi 174k book vii 286k book viii 179k. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. The various herodotus histories editions are combined so your link doesnt necessarily go to the landmark edition. This map is from a translation, published in london, 1897. Written from the 450s to the 420s bc in the ionic dialect of classical greek, the histories serves as a record of the ancient traditions, politics, geography, and clashes of various cultures that were known around the mediterranean and western asia at that time. Information from its description page there is shown below. This superbly readable new translation is supplemented by a fresh scholarly perspective by carolyn dewald that breaks new ground in herodotean studies, providing readers with all they need to appreciate the book in depth. Few history books since can compare for sheer drama with herodotuss narrative of the persian invasions of greece. With that in mind, i dont think the translation in the landmark version is any worsebetter than any of the other ones, but like richard says, the maps, appendices, etc are absolutely invaluable. I first read herodotus in the penguin classics version, which was fine, but i found myself thinking aloud sometimes sure would be nice to have some. July 20 this link contains a free pdf copy of herodotus book i.

Herodotus 1 greek and latin texts with facing vocabulary. Some athenian exiles in xerxes camp sacrifice on the acropolis. His accounts of the great battles of marathon and thermopylae, of. The herodotus histories was starting to interest me after appearing on the searches, but didnt purchase until researching more what it was about. The history of herodotus volume 1 internet archive. Explore the contradictions in his narrative with other contemporary and archaeological evidence. Urania 1 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 140. Quite a few comments have been posted about the history of herodotus. The book also illuminates greek views of themselves and of peoples from the east, the problematic relationships. For in fact the euboeans, neglecting the oracle of bakis as if it had no meaning at all, had neither carried away anything from their land nor laid. The history of herodotus, volume 1 by herodotus part 1 out of 8. Historical context for the histories by herodotus the.

The book also illuminates greek views of themselves and of peoples from the east, the this battle forms the centrepiece of book viii of herodotus histories. Supersummary, a modern alternative to sparknotes and cliffsnotes, offers highquality study guides for challenging works of literature. Commons is a freely licensed media file repository. Im becomming a little obsessed with history after getting this book. The book also illuminates greek views of themselves and of peoples from the east, the problematic relationships between different greek states in the face of the invasion, and the role of. He aligns himself with the arabs which offers herodotus an opportunity to digress on their customs and habits, defeats the egyptians at pelusium and takes the egyptian capitals sais. I also purchased the histories from barnes and noble with translation by g. It assumes that the reader has opened the book at random to any page and if a location is mentioned as recently as the previous page, a footnote cites a relevant map. The history of herodotus parallel englishgreek english translation. Histories book v cambridge, 20 in the cambridge greek and latin classics series. Several english translations of the histories of herodotus are readily available in multiple editions. Urania the greeks engaged in the seaservice were the following. Herodotusthemed essay writing book from the classical writing curriculum.

Woods, for example, in his edition of the first book published in 1873 gives a list of readings for the first and second books, in. The struggle between east and westbetween asia and europe2,500 years ago was the grand theme chosen by herodotus for his histories. Dent collection toronto contributor kelly university of toronto language english. But there is so much more to this version that i enjoyed. Bce herodotus was a resident of halicarnassus modern bodrum in turkey and wrote the histories of herodotus, a greek history of the persian invasion of greece in the early fifth century bce. Reading herodotus, one can often get bogged down in the loops of geography, people, history, culture and meandre through miles of esoterica. If a new translation of herodotus does not justify itself, it will hardly be justified in a preface. Herodotus bilingual anthology studies herodotus in print table of contents book 1 clio book 2 euterpe book 3 thaleia book 4 melpomene book 5 terpsichore book 6 erato book 7 polymnia book 8 urania book 9 calliope. The histories, however, is one of those books where an audiobook helps. Think about the extent to which herodotus deserves his title father of history. The histories is considered the first work of history in western literature, and was written in the ionian dialect of ancient greek, ca. Here are presented the results of the enquiry carried out by herodotus of halicarnassus.

The landmark herodotus solves this by placing maps specific to the surrounding text throughout the book so i am rarely more than a page or two away from the appropriate map. Quite a few comments have been posted about the history of. The magians were a median tribe, considered specialists in religious. It was later divided in 9 books, and each was given the name of one of the nine muses of greek mythology. Book i the first book of the histories, called clio this is the showing forth of the inquiry of herodotus of. I am in an ancient mediterranean history class and i am looking for a good copy of the histories by herodotus. The histories of herodotus, completed in the second half of the 5th century bc, is generally regarded as the first work of history and the first great masterpiece of nonfiction writing. The history of herodotus by herodotus the internet classics archive. The histories, herodotus the histories of herodotus is the founding work of history in western literature.

The first example of nonfiction, the text that underlies the entire discipline of history. Herodotus was an ancient greek historian who was born in halicarnassus in the persian empire modernday bodrum, turkey. The histories of herodotus is considered one of the seminal works of history in western literature. Macmillan, london and ny 1890 contents start reading text zipped. Im still on the fence mostly because its a very expensive albeit beautiful, book. Herodotus has a wonderful, gossipy style that makes reading these histories more fun than studying the rise of the persian empire and its clash with greecehowever, thats exactly what readers will do in this engaging history, which is full of interesting digressions and asides. The nine books of herodotus histories, translated by g. Estimates of the year of his birth are based on the observation that in the histories, he does not claim to have witnessed the persian invasion. Macauly is very lyrical and a true joy to read i cannot. The history of herodotus by herodotus, part of the internet classics archive. There is no cartographic evidence from his lifetime. Herodotus encoded spacetextimaging archive not quite released yet, hestia uses georeferencing techniques to map the histories. Herodotus claims to have traveled extensively around the ancient world, conducting interviews and collecting stories for his book, almost all of which covers territories of the persian empire. Herodotus histories read by david timson unabridged.

Greek text with facing vocabulary and commentary, 2nd ed. Herodotus, the histories, book 8, chapter 1, section 1. New translation, selections, backgrounds, commentaries norton critical editions by herodotus, walter blanco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. The father of history, as cicero called him, and a writer possessed of remarkable narrative gifts, enormous scope, and considerable charm, herodotus has always been beloved by readers wellversed in the classics. Id love to hear about this translation from a student or scholar who knows greek its a beautiful book, but the translator is a businessman with no formal training who did it in his free time. Herodotus the histories refer to the war between athens and sparta, we can assume he died c. Widely referred to as the father of history first conferred by cicero, he was the first historian known to collect his materials systematically and critically, and then to. In its first logos, we witness the naval engagement on the sea between aphetae and artemisium. The history of herodotus, parallel englishgreek index. Nevertheless, donald lateiners excellent introduction allowed even a novice like me to gain an understanding of the marvelous world which herodotus describes, of the historian himself and of his methods, and of the lasting influence of the histories.

The history of herodotus has been divided into the following sections. Greek text, translation, commentary and introduction 2015, and he is the editor of herodotus. Herodotus has a wonderful, gossipy style that makes reading these histories more fun than studying the rise of the persian empire and its clash with greecehowever, thats exactly what readers will do in this engaging history, which is full of. The landmark herodotus, translated by purvis, is easier to read than grene, probably more natural for an american audience than holland. Written in 440 bc in the ionic dialect of classical greek, the histories serves as a record of the ancient traditions, politics, geography, and clashes of various cultures that were known in western asia, northern. The battle of salamis was the first great and unexpected victory of the greeks over the persian forces under xerxes, whose defeat had important consequences for the subsequent history and selfimage of europe. The history of herodotus by herodotus written 440 b. In the first logos of the third book, herodotus returns to the beginning of book two. Herodotus, the histories, book 1, chapter 1, section 0.

Part of a complete english translation of herodotus. Aristagoras makes his case to cleomenes in a long speech, using a map of the world engraved on a bronze tablet to illustrate. The history of herodotus macaulaybook viii wikisource, the free. Herodotus histories book viii classical literature cambridge. Histories 8 by herodotus meet your next favorite book. Perhaps most famously, the book tells the heroic tale of the greeks resistance to the vast invading force assembled by xerxes, king of persia. Upset by the results of thermopylae, the greek fleet wants to retreat. He has written or edited numerous books, most recently lykophron. This 147page guide for histories by herodotus includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 9 chapters, as well as several more indepth sections of expertwritten literary analysis. I will chime in to recommend the landmark translation for the additional materials included with the book. The audiobook gives you a good pace and forcemarches you through to the end. Compelled by his desire to prevent the traces of human events from being erased by time, herotodus recounts the incidents preceding and following the persian wars.

He is known for having written the book the histories greek. The histories by herodotus, first edition abebooks. Herodotus leaves the most complete record of the persian wars, including an account of how the athenians and persians first came into conflict during the ionian revolt of 499494 bce. What sets the landmark apart is the editorial apparatus. The shrine of erechtheus on the acropolis of athens, with a carefully nurtured olive tree. Memory, recrimination and the writing of history study guide by aliyathepotato includes 50 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Herodotus tells the story of croesus in the first tale, or logos, of his great work the histories. While much of the information he gives has proved to be astonishingly accurate, he also entertains us with. What is the best translation of herodotus the histories. A delightful new translation of what is widely considered the first work of history and nonfiction. Simon hornblower is emeritus professor of classics and ancient history at the university of oxford. A clean yet detailed map of stark line drawings is never far away in the print edition.

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